Monday, 10 September 2012

Favourite Soap & Glory Products

My Favourite Picks for Soap & Glory

You can purchase the following products at the Sephora stores. All the Soap & Glory products has the sweet scent which lures me in! The packaging definitely attracts any attention of the eyes, it is girly and cute. 

1. Soap & Glory Shampoo

2. Soap & Glory Hand Sanitiser

Comparing this product to other standard sanitizer which you can purchase in the health stores which gives that awful strong smell, It is totally unbearing. For example, lifebuoy. I paid more for the delicate smell it gives and it is pink! :)

3. Soap & Glory Hand Food

4. Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub

Perfect for the morning when you are taking a shower in the bathroom and haven't had your breakfast? It smells like oatmeal which tempts me to eat them! Basically, it is a scrub and again, NICE SMELL!

5. Soap & Glory Heel Genius

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